Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hunting for Diatoms

An update from Irene Rogan:
"I have continued my research of the site and advanced both my personal understanding and professional practice in which art and science are brought together to forge a link between the emotional and intellectual interests of the community and the innate meanings of the place. Research for this project has been undertaken with Biocity support (Biocity, based in Nottingham, is the largest centre for life-science innovation in Europe)."
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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Experiments on Chettles yard


The mini grass mounds were grown by the artist to develop a project whereby landscaping and sculpture were combined to be the artwork rather than separate elements. Creating mounds in various shapes and experimenting with scale contributed to the final landscape proposals.

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The artist used the sculpture site as an outdoor studio whilst she collected and documented species of plants. Firstly digging them up, then documenting the space left by the plant and photographing them. This led to collecting a couple of sections from the site and replanting them in pots.

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Artist early sketches for the sculpture proposal and landscaping

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